Swimming Beach Waterproof Bag Case Armband For iPhone

Swimming Beach Waterproof Bag Case Armband For iPhone
  • Detail
    Made of PVX plastic.provide superior waterproof resistance,floating safely if dropped in the water.
    Perfectly designed for use when you go swimming,kayaking,canoeing,padding and diving camping.
    Protect your phone from water,sand,dirt,etc.
    Allows smooth use touchscreen while device is in pouch
    Clear window on both sides,perfect for taking pictures or videos clearly.
    It can be hung on your neck,used in water or out of water,bringing your convenience wherever you go.
    Comes with a neck strap and armband, easy to carry,Perfect for most sports activities like jogging, running, cross training, hiking, mountain biking, gym, horse riding etc....
    With a simple snap and lock access,this easy-to-use product provides all the protection you'll need while enjoying the outdoor activities.
    It can be used in water under up to 10M.